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Advanced Catalytic Materials LAB

Chechia Hu's Group @ NTUST


We are recruiting the students pursuing their Ph.D. or master's degree, and also welcome the undergraduate students join us.

Congratulations to

               (2023/7) 王俊堯,黃俊傑,李易霖通過 碩士班畢業口試! 畢業快樂!

                            Mr. Jun-Yao Wang, Chun-Chieh Huang, and Yi-Lin Lee passed their Master's oral exam.  

               (2023/5) 恭喜林宜萱同學獲得科技部大專生專題研究計畫!   

               (2020/8)  胡哲嘉教授轉赴台灣科技大學化學工程系任副教授

                              Prof. Chechia Hu moved to the Department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan 

                              University of  Science and Technology as an Associate Professor.




               (2023/07) 歡迎黃森煥,黃敏樺,徐子容,許賀翔 joined our group.

               (2021/08) Postdoc researcher Dr. Cahterine joined our group. 



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